Thursday, July 24, 2014

My oil of the week...Peace & Calming!

So as many of you know, we got a new kitten this past weekend. Here's our girl Josie in case you haven't seen her yet:

To not upset our other pets (Tigger - a 16 year old cat, and Vedder- a 9 1/2 year old Chocolate lab) we have been keeping them separate...which means no sleep for us.  We are taking turns sleeping with Josie in our room vs on the couch with the boys.  Neither is better than the other. She thinks your body is a playground all hours of the night and knocks things over at 5am.  The couch is not super comfy, but the boys are quiet.

So, I turned to my oils.  I diluted my peace & calming and rubbed some on the bottom of my feet at bedtime, just to see if it would help.  I slept like a ROCK.  Josie could've done somersaults at my head and I don't think I would have noticed!

I need to try this oil in other aspects yet.  Maybe I could diffuse it when we introduce the 3 pets to each other...I'll have to look into that!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Artsy fartsy Friday

We have lots of stuff on our walls in our house.  We have pictures of Dylan and Noah is almost every room, and some wedding pictures.  And then there's my husband's Pearl Jam fairness, they are framed nicely so it does look like art.

So in pursuing the good ol'internet I stumbled upon this artist, Egidijus Baranauskas and his watercolors.

This one in particular caught my eye! We have bird feeders all around, and have taken an interest in all the birds visiting :)

I just LOVE the colors!

Do you have art having up in your house/apartment? Are they original pieces? Prints? Photographs?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My oil of the week...PEPPERMINT

So I posted that I believe in the oils :) I've had friends and former co-workers using the oils and saying how great they were and I thought I'd waited long enough, so I jumped in right away and bought the premium kit. I'm so glad I did because I'm able to play around with 11 different oils. This week, I'm highlighting peppermint and how it's helped me.

I get the occasional headache, I don't suffer from them often. But when I do, I try everything else before taking anything (Tylenol/ibuprofen).  I'm sure some people think, oh just take it and stop feeling miserable...but I would rather know WHY I have a headache. 9 times out of 10 I needed to drink some more water, and the headache goes away.  For the 1/10, I will take something. But not anymore! Lately all I've been doing is rubbing a drop of peppermint on my temples/forehead and it takes all the discomfort away!

My co-worker mentioned that he really enjoyed a drop of peppermint in his water, and I read that it can help motivate/energize you for a I added a drop to my water bottle at the gym last night.  I felt like I had more energy and was able to push harder in my class than usual. I take this same class at the same time of day on the same week, so there isn't much variation in that... But I felt great during and after class! I will def be doing that again!

There is some debate over the different companies of essential oils out there.  All I can tell you is to do your own research so that you are comfortable using the products on/in your and your family's bodies. I really love Young Living's Seed to Seal guarantee and I've only heard great things about this company. Just take care of yourself, and read labels :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

August is coming

I know it's coming and that I can't stop it from getting here.  All my mom friends are talking about how they can't believe their babies are turning 3 in a month (or two).  And all I can think about is how you'll have been gone for 3 years. 

As usual I will try to stay positive and focus on the good things, and I usually do pretty well on your actual birthday.  The leading up to has always been the hardest part.  Maybe it's the anticipation alone.  Maybe it's because all the other peas are turning three, so there are comments/posts all over the place about the parties, and the "I can't believe it's 3 years" Whatever it is, it all sucks.

We've seen quite a few butterflies near your garden lately, and that always makes us both smile and think of you.  We think about and miss you three every single day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Essential oils...I now believe! LOL

So I bought a kit a couple of weeks ago.  Without bombarding you with ALL the details, I'll do one every now and then :)

I suffer from chronic allergies and sinus issues, have for many years now.  I read that lavender can help relieve the pain/pressure. So I thought "what the heck, it's worth a shot"


I rubbed a drop on both cheeks, where my pressure is usually the worse.  Within minutes, I was back to normal! No sudafed or mucinex needed! just 2 drops of oil! on my face!

It also relaxed the muscles on my face and I smelled great :) WIN-WIN!

Have you discovered a love for essential oils yet??

Have you tried lavender? For what? teach me! :)