Monday, January 14, 2013

Very Humbled...

I have talked about the group of women who I became friends with while I was pregnant with Dylan a lot.  I refer to them as the Bumpies :) Also known as The September Sweet Peas.

We met on the bump back in Dec 2010 and some trickled in later on.  Regardless of when they joined, a bond was formed.  Some formed very close friendships, BFF's even (E and Nutan, I'm looking at you!)

And yes as you can imagine, a group of 300+ hormonal women can have it's share of drama. But they have ALWAYS come together when a fellow pea was in need. Always. Out of the 300+ of us, 4 of us lost our children.  On Mother's Day, we were sent flowers and a cookie/brownie care package to get us through the day and to remind us that we are mothers.  Regardless of where our babies are.

Most recently, we found out that our sweet little Noah has the same genetic "defect" as big brother, Dylan.  The genetic team here at Children's Hospital of WI wants to run some sequencing testing to try and locate the gene(s) that are causing this "issue/defect" with our boys. This testing is not yet covered by health insurance (which is ANOTHER ridiculous issue) and is very expensive when on top of that you add the pre-testing and IVF to the tab... (AGAIN, not covered...)

So what do these ladies do???

They want Patrick and I to have a biological take home baby.  They organized a fundraiser to help us pay for that possibility.  They made a very touching video of our story that they are trying to get to as many people as possible, they created a facebook page, and twitter account.

I think they started this late thursday evening or Friday morning and they have already raised over $4,000 for us. I have literally been crying since :) It is very humbling to think that people are that moved or inspired by you and your story that they want to help you, or share your story.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us.  Thank you for sharing the video, thank you for donating, thank you thank you thank you :)