Monday, March 25, 2013

March of Dimes Team Update!


You can still sign up and walk with us! Regardless of what state you are in!!!

Go here to sign up or to donate to our team!

This company called bandabout also teamed up with March Of Dimes this year.  BandAbout bracelets are made with cotton-blend canvas and metal grommets. I designed one with our boys on it! They are $5 each and bandabout will donate $2 for everyone sold right back to our Devoted to Dylan team!!!

here's a picture of the bracelet:

Go here to buy a bracelet!!

And lastly, one of the bumpie girls is running a 31 raffle.  

What's 31?? Go here!

If you like 31 products, this is a great deal and you could win $200 worth of stuff!! The number crossed out are already taken!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

man oh man, don't get sick!

I'm on day 10 of this awful virus thing. IT IS AWFUL! Patrick is now on day 3 :(

We will be back soon! PROMISE!

Friday, March 8, 2013

March of Dimes Team--City Challenge

You all know that we have a March of Dimes team, Devoted to Dylan :) At least I hope you know! I sure talk about it a lot!  Our walk is quickly approaching and I've been working on our 2013 team tshirts.  Our wonderful friend, Nellie made our logo and we LOVE it (I'll share it a sec, keep reading...)

You know how when a band goes on tour, they have tour shirts with the cities and dated listed on the back??

You may also remember that we had MANY cities walking on our team last year, and many of those same cities are walking this year (with a couple new ones too!!)

So my challenge is this:

You have one week. One week to rally together with the other teammates walking in your city to raise more money then your neighboring city.  Whacha get?

Your city listing will be BIGGER than the others listed.  Milwaukee will obviously be the BIGGEST (as most of our family are here) but who will be the second largest? The Third?? Will it be Chicago??? What about Team New York?? They're pretty big too!

I will check the totals on Monday, March 18th at 9am.  Make sure that you have logged all of your cash/check donations by then (the online ones automatically add to your total)!!

And come on, you know you want YOUR city to be HUGE on the back of this AWESOME tshirt!

The logo has Dylan's actual hand and footprints in it!

So come on! Go raise some money for the babies!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We had a big Kick-off party for our March of Dimes team, Devoted to Dylan back in February.  We invited family and friends and asked everyone to extend the invitation to their family and friends. I knew most of everyone who was planning on attending.  Some of course, included some of my bumpie girlfriends Kim Leut,  Elysha R, and Dawn S.

The coolest moment of the night? When I was screaming the countdown...

No,  not really.

It was when I was walking on a mission and in my own world.  Some people were at the "door" paying their cover donation and getting their drink tickets.  I made eye contact with Kim Leut, pretty sure it was Kim, and smiled.  Made eye contact with a blonde friend of hers and kept going.


I Knew that blonde!

I made a 180 turn to confirm my suspicion and see her again. YUP!  Now I was POSITIVE it was her!
Kim Fir was at my check-in. At my event in MILWAUKEE. She lives in PA.

Insert ridiculous screaming and crying here... like ridiculous. (Patrick actually does a great rendition-ask him to do it for ya!)

It was like a scene from an 80's movie.

I ran to her and hugged her. I probably squeezed her quite a bit :)

Then I told her I'd be right back, I had to continue on my mission.  I walked up to the hostess desk and WAIT!!! I KNOW HER TOO!

LISA T was also here!!! (Lisa is from NY) And again Insert screaming and crying :) Then hugging and more crying.

Now you might be asking yourselves, ok great...but what's the big deal?
Why the screaming and crying?

Why you ask?

Well, these two sassy ladies are also bumpie friends. Friends that I had not before that day seen face to face. But friends that feel like sisters. Friends that flew in for 24 hrs to come to our kick-off party.  Friends that wanted to support Patrick & I, and honor our Dylan and Noah.  I still get choked up talking about it. <3

"Good friends are like Stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there."