Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Return to Zero

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I openly talk about my children.  I will always talk about my children.  Older generations had a tendency NOT to talk about their losses and it was kind of taboo.

Well, I'm not a quiet person.

I WILL talk about my children as they will forever be my children as well as a part of me.  I have actually received so many emails asking me for advice on what they can do for a family member, friend, or co-worker that has lost a child.  It actually feels great to be able to help others help other grieving parents.

You may have noticed some different "profile" pictures on facebook recently like this:

(or just with the 3-1=0)

and wondered what it was about.

It's about a movie that is based on the true story of a successful couple preparing for the arrival of their first child. Just weeks before their due date they discover that their son has died in the womb and will be stillborn. Lives and relationship forever altered by the loss, they try to cope through denial, escape and alcohol, but nothing can save their marriage. And that's when they discover that they're again pregnant (from a last ditch 'save the marriage' getaway to Las Vegas), and must come together to face a turbulent and terrifying pregnancy. 

The movie is titled, Return to Zero

Yes, bring the tissues.

It's going to be a difficult and emotional movie for sure, but just think about what it's doing.

It's bringing awareness to child loss, miscarriages, still births...

It's helping to open up conversations about these beautiful children who left us too soon.

Please check out the video here: Return to Zero

I've become a local leader here in Milwaukee and have pledged to go see it.  They are trying to bring it to Hollywood and get it out there for everyone to see.  Please pledge to see this movie! Please help break the silence! Please help honor the memories of all the babies and children lost.

Go here to pledge!

What does pledging mean??? It is just you saying that you will see it. No money, or donation.  Just you saying, "Yes, I will see this"


For those in the Wisconsin/Illinois area's please feel free to enter me as your local leader. Heck, you out of staters too if you want :)

Please help get the word out about this movie and pledge to help break the silence.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I swear, I swear

I will try and get better about posting on here more regularly!

hmmm...what's new....

Not a whole lot...I've been online shopping like it's going out of style! But how can I help it when I can get a super cute sweater for like $10 when it was normally $60! :)
And earning money back with some of my favorite coupon sites (OF COURSE! Almost $120 on just one!!)

I need to make more of my family donation packs for the NICU here.  I've heard that people are loving them and very appreciative!

I'm trying to do small little upgrades in the house to make it more "us" and so far I'm thrilled with what we've done! (Pictures soon! I promise!)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday and I hope that all the dads out there have a great day.

We've been talking about it in our house, about what Patrick wants to do and going back and worth on it. Because as you all know,  Father's day is just as hard as Mother's day.

But grieving dads are sometimes over looked.

Patrick has told me more often than not, people ask him how I'm doing...but not asking him how's he's doing.

Let me tell you something, that man's pain is just as raw as mine.

No he didn't carry our boys in his belly, but he read to them while they were in mine.  He helped get me whatever they, or I, or we :) were craving.

And his heart is broken in a million pieces, just like mine.

So please don't forget about ALL the dad's out there on Sunday.

What does a father want for Father's Day?  He wants to hear about his child.  Phone calls, conversations, notes, cards, memories about their child is the best gift.  To hear something wonderful about their child that is gone is the best gift of all.  Do the father's ever ask for this?  Of course not...do they wish everyone knew about this request? Absolutely!

So what are you going to give a bereaved father this weekend?  A memory, a humorous story, a laugh, a cry?  The mention of a father's child is the best gift of all!

And here's to some of the best dad's I know!

Love you daddy! You're a wonderful dad and a girl couldn't ask for better!

I'm lucky because I LOVE my father-in-law :) And I know my husband is such a great dad because he had such a great role model ;)

And to my wonderful husband, our children were so blessed to have you as their daddy. Such a warm and compassionate man and full of love, you're hands down the best.

And here's a poem that was shared on our support board this morning:

If you ask my Dad how he feels?
He’ll probably be as quiet as the midnight air
Because of this horrible pain he tries to bare
And If you ask him and he just quietly sighs
Look harder, you’ll see the pain in his eyes
Even if he does happen to tell you he’s coping
Then that just surely means…….He is hoping?
If he happens to mutter out, I’m surviving today
Oh then trust me, you know he is really not Ok
He has been so very quiet since that awful day
It’s just so hard for him to find the words to say
He really thinks he has to be stronger than steel
But he is just very fragile, suffering this ordeal
He feels like he has to hide away all those tears
Just suck it all in, and show no one of his fears
I’m his child in heaven, and he’s hurting oh so bad
He gets up and goes every day, even though he’s sad
He watches my mommy cry and holds her oh so tight
He always tears up, but holds back with all of his might
If you ask, how are you today, and he says oh I’m just fine
He’s really not; he needs a hug, that’s definitely a sure sign
His heart is burdened with such terrible doubts often everyday
Please let him know, he didn’t let me down or fail in any way
I know he loves me very much and he thinks of me each day
But his poor heart is so broken, so please help him find a way
To find peace, comfort and a voice to shed his grief and pain
For without it, he cannot start to heal and lighten grief’s stain
Also tell him its ok to lose it, break down and shed those tears
Cause it takes more strength to cry, then to hold back the fears
I love you daddy, I’m always here with you, we’re never far apart
So for me, could you begin to heal and open back up your heart.

In Loving Memory of my Angel Boy, Matthew Hunter Vinson
Author JP Vinson
Written February 7, 2013

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Friday, June 7, 2013

House help! Give us YOUR opinions!! :)


Hi all!

Hope you're having a great week! Ours started on the bumpy side, but it's sunny skies today :)

Alright so let's get down to business!

We want to do a couple of things to our house. One of the things were have been discussing are shutters.  We have a cute little cape cod style house and I wanted to add to that character.

But holy cats, there are so MANY color options!

So here's where you come in :) (and please keep in mind this is my first time playing around with this software, so it's not perfect)

We are thinking about two different colors, but feel free to offer up any other color suggestions!

So here's our cute little house:

Here's option 1: Dark Grey

and here's Option 2: Plum

What do you guys think???

Seriously, PLEASE comment with your feedback!!!

Thank you!