Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We are 4 days from the March for Babies walk!!!

I've just about finished shipping the 150+ shirts that are walking in other cities :) Just about...

GAH! tshirts!

anyways, I CANNOT wait for Saturday! AND! The weather is actually supposed to be nice.

For the walk.

That NEVER happens!

I am a tad nervous about speaking in front of everyone, but we've been working on it so I know we can do it! Just me and a mic don't usually mix... I'm loud enough without the darn thing and I talk to stinking fast (just ask my dad!)  So I hope that everyone there will be able to understand us!

And we are $576 away from raising $20,000 for march of Dimes this year!!!

Only $576!!!!

Want to donate, but haven't yet??

go here.

And our team across the country has already been winning contests!!

Meredith won in AL, and was able to make a sign that everyone will walk past saying that she's walking because our our Dylan and Noah!

April won in NC with out team tshirt, for best tshirt!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do you know anyone that was a preemie??

I'll bet you do! Either your own child, a niece/nephew, or a close friend's baby...chances are you do.

Why am I asking???

Premature babies are at risk of many serious medical complications. One of the most common of these is respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Babies with RDS struggle to breathe because their immature lungs do not produce enough surfactant, a protein that keeps small air sacs in the lungs from collapsing. 

Look at the EXTREME difference that ONE week can mean for a baby's lungs!

(picture from here)

Did you know that the March of Dimes in 1985 Funded research leading to the use of surfactant to treat respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) ??

And that since then, deaths from RDS have been reduced by two-thirds??

This is just ONE of MANY things that March of Dimes and their funded research has done so far for our babies.

Just think about what else they can accomplish...

Please help us raise money for this dear cause that is very close to our hearts.  Dylan did receive doses of surfactant after he was born to try and help with his lung development.

Our March of Dimes, March for babies page is here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A slightly disappointing Friday, but better Monday

Well to those of who that did send in your letters to Kopp's custard, thank you again for your efforts.

UNFORTUNATELY, Kopp's decided NOT to give Devoted to Dylan, or March of Dimes a flavor on April 27th.

What poured salt in the wound?  They actually have a new flavor debuting that day!

I mean really???

What's exciting?!?!?!


And Mother's Day is just around the corner!! Get some great stuff for her as well!

To place an order for the fundraiser, please follow these steps:

1) Go to www.pamperedchef.biz/radcooks
2) Click "Shop Online"
3) Enter "Jen McGraw" as the host (Jen has generously offered to host and donate 20% of all sales to MOD!!)
4) Shop shop shop!
5) Please make sure you opt to ship directly to you
6) You may pay with a credit card online; if you would like to make other arrangements, please contact Sara Radginski (radcooks@gmail.com)

Thanks everyone! We hope you enjoy the fundraiser, and please feel free to ask any questions along the way.

We also have a Pampered Chef Fundraising Page where 
Each day we will be posting pictures, recipes, CONTESTS & GIVEAWAYS to the members of this group as we try to raise more money for MOD. Please feel free to invite ANYONE you think might be interested in this fundraiser!

If you want to be added, please let us know!!! Last time there were great shipping discounts as well as great contests!

And we still have the 31 raffle going!!

Purchase as many squares as you'd like for the chance to win $200 of Thirty-One product FREE. Each square is $5 and once all are sold, I'll do the drawing for free product and we'll have $300 to donate to MOD. You can choose your numbers (1-100) and pay me via paypal. All the info is on the attached document. Let me know if you have questions and feel free to share this with your friends. Anyone can play!