Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy birthday baby boy!

You would've been turning four years old today. Would you be into superheroes like Gabe? Would you love dinosaurs as much as Landon? Would you be talking constantly like me, or more quiet and reserved like daddy? How tall would you be, and would you have kept those amazing cheeks?!

 What movie would you want to watch over and over? What song would make you dance? Sing?

Would you fight us on what you'd wear everyday? Have to dress and feed yourself? How would you be in school? Chatterbox like me lol? I would've told you how many recesses I missed all because of talking during class. And I'll bet you would've listened and you would've played on recess.

Who would we have play dates with? Would you love trains as much as Ro? Would you love the zoo? Which animal would've been your favorite? Would you cry and beg for ice cream? Throw tantrums at target?

I would've loved to have seen you at four. To experience all of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. ALL of it.

We decided to rally the troops in your honor today kiddo. A lot of people across the country will be doing good things for you today, so keep a look out. And even in another country!! (England thanks to the amazing Shaw family) And they're doing it all because of you kiddo. You made people want to be better. Better mommies. Better daddies. Better wives. Better husbands.

Better people.

You did this. I'm amazed everyday seeing what you've inspired in not only me and daddy, but so many people. People that never had the chance to know you. It makes me so SO proud to be your mommy.

I know you'll see everything that everyone does to celebrate you and your birthday today, but I will share some since kindness is contagious when shared <3 And we want to keep the movement going!!

Your friends Brady and Nathan at Aldi!

My amazing friend Elyse buying dunkin for a stranger <3

Coins for Kiddos

Your Buddy Ben over in England :)

Love you to the moon and back sweetheart! We celebrate you ALWAYS <3

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