Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!

Our Noah is two today!! I'm sure Big brother Dylan is excited that Noah is getting bigger, and probably more fun to play with ;)

I look to the other brother sets that we have the pleasure of watching grow up, and always think about how you two would be. I have no doubt that you are the best of friends up in Heaven, but I'd also guess that you cause your fair shares of mischief.

Today daddy and I decided to try something different. Since your birthday is in the middle of winter, balloons do not fair so well here in Wisconsin (as we tried any way last year). So this year we bought a chinese lantern.

We had our doubts...

This is made of a VERY thin paper that already had small tears (scotch tape for the win!) and we just weren't sure what to expect.

We went down to the lakefront to avoid all the houses and trees around, didn't want to set anyone or thing on fire!

And we made the trek down the ice covered stairs.

Then we tried to light it...

Daddy was getting more and more worried that I was going to get upset that he couldn't get the lighter to stay lit long enough, I could see the worry on his face.  (If you know me, I am not patient and I want things to work esp for special occasions.)

I was doing pretty good, but asked to take over.

I said a quick prayer, and tried at least 5-6 more times until I got that flame to burn long enough to light the wick of the lantern. But I GOT IT!

Happy Birthday sweet Noah. Mommy and daddy still miss you like crazy.  I know you don't want us to cry, but you have to understand it still hurts that you aren't here.  It still hurts to see the other babies continuing to grow, healthy and happy, when you aren't here.

I promise to be happy today. Today you blessed us with your birth, and the miracle that you stayed with us for two hours. Watch over daddy today too sweetheart.  He's driving up for a fun weekend with his cousins. I know it will be hard for him today, so give him a squeeze now and then. We had a quick cupcake for you this morning before we left to start the day. Hope all your wishes come true.

I love you to the moon and back, Noah!
Forever and always, our baby you will be. <3

It got stuck for a few moments...
but the wind quickly picked up and
took the lantern with

Finally wearing my diffuser necklace, but with an addition.
Both from a dear friend <3


Monday, January 26, 2015

Help us go out with a BANG!

 If you have planned on going to our auction in the past, and said to yourself that you'll just go the next year, this may be your last chance.

We have been asked by the March of Dimes to take on bigger roles. We will continue to walk every year, but our energy will be used in other ways besides our big fundraising efforts. With that said, we do believe this will be our last KickOff Party and Silent Auction.

So the time to come is now :) Help us go out with a BANG and hot our goal to raise $100,000 for the March of Dimes mission.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers! The more the merrier! We'd love to have a HUGE turn out and enjoy the event as much as possible.

Here's a sneak at some of our auction items this year:

Gourmet Cupcakes! 

Autographed Football!

Spice Collection from Penzeys

Wine Goodie Basket

Buck's Tickets


So please come and help us go out with a bang! Share the event to anyone that will listen! And please walk with us in April!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Devoted to Dylan's 3rd Annual Silent Auction!!

It's a month away!!!

We are so close to hitting $100,000 for the March of Dimes, that we are hoping this event will be our biggest yet! Please come! Please bring family and friends with you!!

Do you like cupcakes?!?

Grace & Shelly's donated 2 certificates for a dozen cupcakes!! You pick!

And if you'd rather get the cupcakes right away, there will be delicious Baked goods there to bid on and take home to feast on!

Are you a crafter?!?

Stampin' Up donated a HUGE prize to be won! (May or may not include any of the above-I'm not sure the specifics of what they are sending, but it is valued at over $200!)

Do you like the Green & Gold?!?!? (Umm who doesn't????)

How about an autographed football signed by the team at the beginning of the season???

And LOTS, LOTS more!!!